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Einblick in die Praxis in Floridsdorf. Das Sofa für PatientInnen zum sitzen. Ich sitze gegenüber.

You are finding yourself momentarily in a crisis or stand before significant life changes or problems which affect your wellbeing? Do you experience suffering due to psychological or bodily symptoms? Do you seek for changes in your life or want to gain more knowledge about yourself? 

Psychotherapy and especially psychoanalysis can help to reduce suffering and can help to develop a better conception of oneself.

I am happy to accompany you through a new chapter of your life. 

Call me or contact me directly through the contact-form.


I am a psychotherapist in training under supervision.  I work as a psychoanalyst. Psychoanalysis means for me to lead People through their problems. To find a joint way through crisis and to support you, to shed light on problematic behaviours to achieve a permanent change in your experience and behaviour. 

Hereby, the therapist-patient relationship is in the foreground and essential for every therapy outcome. The foundation of my therapy process is built upon empathy, neutrality and trust. 

I am a member of the Austrian organisation for psychotherapists (VÖPP) and regularly visit different kind of further trainings and seminars. Additionally I take part in frequent supervision. 

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Practice Areas


Julia Nadine Prager

Psychoanalysis · Psychoanalytic oriented psychotherapy · Crisis intervention

The aim of every psychotherapy is to ease or cure psychical suffering, to help in life crisis or to change behaviour which is a burden to the person. It can also improve personal growth and health.

You can find more information about psychoanalysis, psychoanalytic oriented psychotherapy or crisis intervention here

You can also find more information about my personal work focus here. 

For any open questions just contact me directly and I am happy to help. 


First approach

Every psychotherapy starts with the first contact. Do you have the feeling to be overwhelmed by certain situations or do you experience symptoms? You can contact me either through telephone or E-Mail. This first contact serves as a first orientation and we can arrange a first interview. 


Normally, the first interview is the first personal contact and lasts for about 50 minutes. Its purpose it to get to know each other and to classify the patient's concern and burden. This is important to find the right therapy approach. There is also enough time to talk about expectations, open questions and fears regarding psychotherapy. 



After the first interview the psychotherapy can begin. A frequency of sessions will be agreed on which is important to obey to ensure an incessant process. The duration and frequency can be very different. It has to be managed individually concerning the person and the symptoms or reason why psychotherapy is needed.  

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