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Work focus



Seperation and loss

Eating disorders


Bipolar disorders

Anxiety disorders


Problems in relationships

Overburdening or permanent

inner tension


Personality disorders

Approach to new life circumstances

Sleeping problems

Problems or changes in the workplace


Problems with self-esteem

Self awareness

Für wen?

For whom?

Zitat Sigmund Freud

In the moment when a person doubts the sense or value of life, he is sick.

Sigmund Freud

The aim of every psychotherapy is to ease or cure psychical suffering, to help in life crisis or to change behaviour which is a burden to the person. It can also improve personal growth and health.

I offer my professional, psychotherapeutic help when you:

  • are overwhelmed

  • suffer from different symptoms like anxiety, sleeping problems or panic attacks 

  • suffer from bodily symptoms 

  • suffered from a loss 

  • find yourself in relationship related-, work related-, or family related problems

  • are addicted

  • find yourself in a crisis situation where it seems that there is no way out 

  • are helpless against tormenting thoughts and fantasies

  • want to have more awareness of your inner life and psyche

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